An innovative, integrated property development group that designs and manufactures exceptional steel frame buildings. 

Fast, efficient, and honest, MERIDIAN is an advanced and reputable developer.


Our enthusiastic and talented team manages projects with the skill and experience that goes above and beyond our client's expectations.


We provide open communication and transparency throughout every phase of your project.

Meridian’s proprietary steel-frame design has been created by engaging leading Canadian consultants in all disciplines, including Mechanical, Electrical, Structural Engineering, Extreme Weather Building specialists and Sound Transfer Consultants to ensure our product is not only suitable, but also industry leading.  


As a result, our product has been 100% designed in Canada and certified in accordance with its very exacting standards (CSA A277) for use in Canada.   These standards ensure that our modular units will meet any requirements and weather conditions anywhere in the world.


Proprietary, versatile technology.

Creative, cost-effective,  durable.
Advanced steel construction solutions.


MERIDIAN diversifies in a wide range of market and non-market projects, including modular and non-modular steel-frame construction, and custom-steel designs.


We are an approved vendor/supplier for BC Housing.

If you can dream it, we can build it

31 Micro Suites
Nanaimo, British Columbia

MERIDIAN is a vertically integrated company with a manufacturing plant overseas.


We work with trusted partners around the globe who collectively bring decades of experience and unparalleled craftsmanship and engineering to every project.  

MERIDIAN has an economic and a technological

advantage in terms of the hard costs of construction.


We can build roughly twice as fast as any

kind of site-built construction, whether wood or concrete. That’s significant for investors

and developers.


Want to help us frame the future? 


Meridian’s success is built on solid relationships — and we’re always actively seeking new development partnerships with investors and urban landowners in British Columbia. 

We are experienced in collaborative ventures, advising property investors, project management, and working with local associations and societies — we stake our reputation on intent and integrity.

If you’re interested in exploring a business partnership with us, we’d love to chat.


604.682.7511  |  E:  Suite 1910, 1095 West Pender St., Vancouver BC , V6E 2M6